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Victoria OppongI am Victoria Oppong ,a lady of 23 years of age born and raised in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana in a village called Namasua a saburb of a town called Berekum Where both of my parents were farmers and I too engaged in that because that was the work of my parents and I really loved it ..They usually grow cocoa and plantain of which the cocoa earned us enough money to take care of the family but unfortunately they dead and this has been my source of income till now.I had my early school in Namasua LA schools after which I furthered my education to the Berekum senior High school and currently am in the Methodist college of Education-Akim Oda which is one of the best colleges in Ghana where I offer a general program into teaching and a minor in agriculture and hoping to combine a teaching and my agricultural work in future.

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